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Breeding Program at Vom Sage Brush

2019 Litters

Updated November 26th 2018

Our breeding program is designed to produce the finest German Shorthaired Pointers possible for the family and foot hunter. We pay very close attention to Temperament, Natural Ability through proven dogs in our program. All of our dogs are worked daily, and are hunted on a regular basis during the hunting season. The majority of our dogs are used in our professional guide service. We are dedicated to maintaining all our dogs in a clean and healthy environment.

Over the past several years we have moved our breeding program towards the European lines specifically, Hege Haus, Pottmes and Del Rade Savic lines. We were drawn to these lines not only for the Versatility, but we love their temperaments. Several of the dogs we have imported have European Championships in Conformation and Work. Over the past 18 months I have had the opportunity to train many of the pups from our litters over the past 3 years. We sold several of our imports in 2017, I have liked very much the pups we have produced, but I have felt that I am missing something not having our Willy (Fieldmaster's Wilhelm vom Fritz) in our breeding's the past several years. I think one of the most important things a breeder has to be able to do is be critical of their own breeding program to be in a position to improve the program. This is why I tend to keep 2 to 3 pups from each litter so I can look for consistency in our program. Willy turned 10 this past August and I felt very strongly that I needed him and his breeding in my program again. I have planned 3 litters using Willy in late 2016 and into 2017.

Starting 2017 preference for our pups will be to NAVHDA (North American Versatile Dog Association) homes, as the German Shorthaired Pointer is a Versatile Hunting Dog bred for that purpose. We have found over the past couple of years and the growth in popularity of the GSP, that the families who have had the hardest times are families that aren't hunters, trialers, or testing families, this has been our experience. We understand and respect that some will disagree with our assessment. The past 2 years we have brought back several dogs to re-home from our breeding's, simply because the families couldn't deal with the activity level. We have also been contacted by families who have dogs from other breeders who are looking to re-home their pup. It is important to always keep in the back of your mind when considering this breed, The GSP is a working dog they need a job first and foremost, they need more than the normal exercise daily to be real happy. They are suppose to be somewhat hyper that is normal. They are intelligent almost to a fault at times. Having said that, the GSP is a spectacular breed, just be ready for the ride of a lifetime. We feel that we make it very clear to people the level of energy and time commitment the German Shorthaired Pointer requires, we will always take back one of our pups but will not refund any money, except for what falls with in the four corners of our contract and guarantee!

It is our preference to meet all perspective families in person before placing one of our pups. We will make exceptions from referrals from families who have a Vom Sage Brush Puppy. It is so important to meet and talk about our philosophy in our breeding program, and so folks can meet our dogs. With very few exceptions both sire and dam will be on premise. It is also important for us to be able to answer any questions to be sure that the GSP is the right fit. We also in our contract have a clause that specifically says that you as a perspective owner of one of our pups have been made aware that they can require more exercise and mental stimulation to keep them content.

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What To Expect With Your New Puppy

Deposits are $250.00 and deposits are non-refundable unless we can't provide the sex requested. We do not breed for Color or Marking and Deposits do not guarantee color. The reason our deposits are non-refundable is, we want you to do your homework first, before choosing us as your breeder, not just place a deposit because of availability.

Each pup will have their Tails Docked by day 4. Pups will be wormed at 3, 4 and 5 weeks. The Pups will be given a 5 way vaccination at 7 weeks. All pups will be Microchiped prior to the selection process.  Starting with litters in 2016 we no longer will remove dew claws, after much thought and research, we have determined that not cutting 5 ligaments  and the additional support the digit (dew claw ) provides is beneficial to these performance dogs..

We have been very fortunate but have been very careful in the selection of dogs used in out breeding program, to produce healthy pups. All dogs in our program will be tested and cleared of the following. Cone Degeneration (German Shorthaired Pointer Type), Degenerative Myelopathy, Hyperuricosuria, Von Willebrand Disease II. Hips will be evaluated by OFA or Pennhip. It is so important to look for breeder who do Genetic Testing for diseases that are breed specific. We do all our testing with Paw Print Genetics. The chart Below is simple but shows the importance of knowing If a dog is clear, carrier or affected.

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Our Guarantee & Registration

It is important to understand the guarantee, and what happens in the unlikely event a genetic issue arises, such a Hip Dysplasia, heart, eyes and any other condition a breeder guarantees. Ours is very simple, should any issue arise that would fall under our contract you get your purchase price back and can keep the dog. We aren't going to ask you to take another pup or ask you to return a dog that is part of your family or a partial refund. Another important question you need to discuss with the breeder you choose, what if for some reason out of your control you can't keep your pup / dog, how will your breeder participate in re-homing or will they take the pup / dog back.

We place all our pups with a written contract, that will outline the responsibilities of the purchaser and seller, the limits of liability, so their are no misunderstandings. All pups are sold with a 30 month guarantee outlined in the contract. Beginning with litters in 2018 pups will be sold with a limited registration with exceptions for Showing. The limited registration will be removed at 2 years of age, if the minimum requirements are satisfied as outlined in the contract.

Our litters are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the North American Versatile Dog Association (NAVHDA).

We will also have an incentive to those who participate in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test.

We are always pleased to provide references upon request.

We do not breed for color and will not Guarantee, Color, Markings, depth of Roaning, Solid Color heads

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Our Dogs Are DNA Tested

Our Dogs Are DNA Tested

This chart demonstrates the importance of DNA testing. It is so easy for us to keep the lines and breed clear of hereditary problems with simple DNA testing. All our breeding dogs are tested through Pawprint Genetics

These are the 4 tests that we complete:

  • Cone Degeneration (German Shorthaired Pointer Type)
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Hyperuricosuria
  • Von Willebrand Disease II

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We also reserve the right to change sire's for a planned litter. A change of sire could happen for various reasons. Should a sire change take place and a deposit has been received we will give the choice to keep your pick or refund the deposit.