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Solly x Eleanor 2020 (A-Litter)

Solly x Eleanor 2020 (A-Litter)  9 Solly x Eleanor 2020 (A-Litter)  8 Solly x Eleanor 2020 (A-Litter)  7 Solly x Eleanor 2020 (A-Litter)  6 Solly x Eleanor 2020 (A-Litter)  5 Solly x Eleanor 2020 (A-Litter)  4 Solly x Eleanor 2020 (A-Litter)  3 Solly x Eleanor 2020 (A-Litter)  2 Solly x Eleanor 2020 (A-Litter)
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All breeders tend to be excited about their breedings as we should be, this is a breeding I had been anticipating making, but thought it wouldn't happen. The test for Lupus Dermatosis had some issues and her original test came back as a carrier, I knew that a more conclusive test would be available and when it was all the dogs were tested again, and Eleanor and her Mother both came back a Non-Carrier / Clear. This test was the missing link as she had tested Clear of all the Genetic testing with the GSP Panel from Paw Print Genetics.

To say I was excited would be a huge understatement! Solly is a product of my breeding program, and Eleanor's Grandisire on Eleanors Dam Site is CH Eto'o of Rajkovic Duro a dog I improted from Rajkovic Kennels our of Serbia. I am a foot hunter with a focus on Chular and Quail occasionally Pheasant on a preserve. Next to health how my dogs do on wild birds is critical in my decison to breed and pair dogs. Solly is a hard charging big running dog with style, great nose, excellent swimmer and retriever. He is a fantastic Chukar dog and very natural at that job. He is a very nice dog to be around in the house and all business in the field. His sire Willy turns 13 in August, Willy with out a doubt is one of the best wild and preserve dogs I have had the privlidge to own, Though he has slowed down the past couple of years Willy can still get out and find Chukar, the genetic in Solly pedigree speak for themselves.

Eleanor is from the Shorthair Connection, my interest in her was was really on the dam side Kiss of Rajkovic Duro, Owning Eto'o I had a good idea of what her breeding would be and Jesse the sire well bred. Eleanor is a great dog in the field, beautiful style nice running excellent nose and a good retriever. She has a true on / off switch, she has a beautiful sweet temperament 

The bottom line both Elsa and Solly have all the components I look for in two dog to breed, they have health and ability with very nice pedigrees. I am very excited and full of anticipation as to what the potential of this litter will be, from both the ability and companion point of view.

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