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Elsa x Solly Spring 2019

Elsa & Solly Elsa & Solly Dam: Elsa Dam: Elsa Dam: Elsa Sire: Solly Sire: Solly Sire: Solly Sire: Solly Litter Pedigree
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We believe this will be an outstanding breeding that has the potential to produce some strong Field competition dogs! We will seek to place these pups in Competition / Testing homes and active Hunting homes.

Pups are clear of Genetic Conditions through parentage. Please refer to (About Our Breeding) for detailed information as to what we test for.

This Litter will be registered with the North American Versatile Dog Association, (NAVHDA) we will not be registering this litter with the AKC, however all out dogs are AKC registered so they are eligible for AKC registration!

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Deposit: $400

To reserve a pup from this litter, please contact us.

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Sol-Leks Vom Sage Brush

Sol-Leks Vom Sage Brush

Elsa Vom Sage Brush

Elsa Vom Sage Brush

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