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Ellard Vom Sage Brush

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Basic Information


Ellard Vom Sage Brush




67 lbs

Whelped: December 16th 2016
AKC# SR96467507
NAVHDA# GS-018347

Sire: Fieldmaster's Wilhelm Vom Fritz JH Grandire HOF DC/AFC 3x NSTRA CH Gambles Odyssy Fritz MH, UT II, RD, VCX, ROMX

Dam: Pippa von den Donau-Wirbeln

Ellard from our 2016 breeding with Willy and Pippa, Willy has been a steadfast in our program for years, producing some fantastic gundogs. Pippa is a Hege Haus female we imported as a young dog, we had just one litter with Pippa, she is a homozygous dog and can only produce Black pups, Ellard isn't homozygous.

Ellard is health tested including clear / non carrier for Lupus Dermatosis. He is available for stud on a limited basis. If you are looking for a driven, high energy sire Ellard may be worth a look.

Ellard is available for stud $850.00 minimum requirement for female. OFA or Pennhip for hips, I would reccommend the Paw Print Gentics GSP Panel for the GSP, Lupoid Dermatosis from Penngenn, not requored as Ellard is clear but highly advisable.  Negative Brucellosis test a requirement and must accompany the dog when she come in for breeding, without it breeding won't be made, no exceptions.

Pups From Ellard Vom Sage Brush

We currently have no puppies from Ellard Vom Sage Brush. If you would like to be notified, please contact us and we will notify you when Ellard Vom Sage Brush has puppies.