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The History of Vom Sage Brush


My name is Scott Samson, I am 62 years young or old depending on the day. My wife and I have lived in our home here in Ellensburg for 20 years. Growing up I wasn't much interested in hunting or dogs, I grew up in Southern California and spent more time at the beach. It wasn't until we moved to Ellensburg in Eastern WA, that I became interested in Hunting or dogs. We purchased a Lab prior to the move. It wasn't long and we had 2 more Labs, then we had a Litter of pups, It wasn't until about 2001 when My son mentioned the German Shorthaired Pointer, I didn't know what he was talking about. I did some research and became Interested. I was working full time as a sales manager, so time was limited. In 2002 I purchased my first 2 Pointers.

Since I was working full time I paid a local trainer to train them for me, then I started hunting and that was the beginning. Over the next couple of years I purchased a couple of more GSP's, by this time I had developed a love for the breed and hunting. In my spare time and on weekends I began helping a local trainer, and after sometime he suggested I might consider training with him. I thought about a bit talked with my wife and decided to make a huge change and take the risk of leaving my Sales Manager Position to become a full time dog trainer.

I trained with him for 3 years, and while doing it I purchased a couple of more GSP's, Remodeled an Out building on our property into a Kennel. I had several litters over that period of time and decided I really wanted to focus on The GSP exclusively and train only the GSP, so I went out on my own.

My interest in training isn't for Field Trials or Hunt test, though I do like to run my dogs in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test, to give me a guide on my own young dogs. I enjoy training dogs for the foot hunter and the majority of the dogs I train are for that purpose.

I planned for this for sometime, so that my wife and  I were in a financial position where I could do this solely because I wanted too not specifically for a living,  now that's not to imply I do it for free or will lose money. However it does give me the flexibility to bring in the number of dogs for training that I want, not need too. It also insures to my clients that I am the trainer and work the dogs daily. The largest factor is I can do it solely for the love and enjoyment of doing it. When it no longer is fun or I feel the passion isn't there I can walk away. I don't see that happening anytime soon!

I am very fortunate and grateful that I get to wake up everyday now and do what I love and hope to do it for sometime.


My wife Suzette is a big part of the business behind the scenes. She is also instrumental in the development of the young pups. Her support is critical, as this would not be her choice for a career path. She is now retired from a very successful career in the Pharma industry, and helps me when she isn't traveling to her favorite place on the planet Hawaii!