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NAVHDA Registered German Shorthaired Pointers

After 17 years in business, and for me saying the past 2 years that I was going to retire, I have finally taken the step and have formally retired. The website will shut down Mid November

This has been one of the hardest decisons, to retire from something I have truly been passionate about for years, but the time has arrived.

We want to say Thank-you and tell each and everyone who has either Adopted one of our Pups, Started Dog over the years, came to us for training how much we apprecite you, truly some of the best people ever.

We aren't going anywhere and I will spend some time with family and still have some dogs that are older that will stay with us. I also have 3 young dogs Calla, Connor and Sophie that I will train, test and hunt and just enjoy the dogs. Feel free to contact me or stop by, still love talking dog stuff!! 

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NAVHDA Lifetime Member

NAVHDA Lifetime Member

The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to foster, promote, and improve the versatile hunting dog breeds in North America; to conserve game by using well trained reliable hunting dogs on both land and water; and to aid in the prevention of cruelty to animals by discouraging non-selective and uncontrolled breeding, which produces unwanted and uncared for dogs.

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